The company Hund Möbelwerke was founded 1919 in the Black Forest and is one of the well-known manufactures of office furniture and contract furniture. With our furniture and office concepts we want to make the modern work more ergonomic, functional and stylish. Our vision is to fill people with enthusiasm for their working environment. You can inform yourself  in the field competences about our know-how in workplace design and use our information center to get the latest information.

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Elegance and lightness combined with flexibility and function. Complete in form, versatile in arrangement.
Elektrifizierung mit Enercon


Space development.

Electrification modules of the new generation.
Our vision is straight: With our concepts for office interiors we want to make the modern working environment more ergonomic, more functional and more stylish and want to enthuse your people for their working place.
André Hund
Managing Director Hund Möbelwerke

Our product and service competence

The Hund Möbelwerke team knows the different requirements of a modern workplace. That is why we advise and plan individually to take consideration of all the important criteria of holistic workplace design. By concentrating on our strengths, we offer solutions coordinated to the needs of our customers.