Farbmuster von Gelb nach Grün

World of Colour
Colour-tone and effect.

„Colour makes a statement without saying a word”.

How true. Colour is a statement! Ensure the sensory perception of the room with good “color dynamics”. Good colour design facilitates concentration, promotes productivity and creativity as well as well-being and identification with the company. We will help you. Through our colour samples, which the Hamburg interior designer Ines Wrusch has put together, we offer you the perfect support in the colour selection and above all in the colour combination.

“(….) Color lives: Moves and moves, acts, depends and makes dependent, acts, is powerful, can serve as well as overwhelm.”
Josef Albers
Colour theorist and Art historian

The colour tones of Hund Möbelwerke

To find the matching colourtones, the existing decor and veneer surfaces from our surfaces portfolio were matched to each other, and combined with colours from the RAL and NCS colour wheel. The colour suggestions are structured in a system that subdivides the colour-tones into a dominant guiding colour, two supporting colours and an accent colour.

The 13 colour tones are bundled as samples in our “world of colours” folder and can be purchased against a standard fee. In case we attracted your interest please contact one of our sales representatives.

Hund Möbelwerke digitale Farbcollage

Digital colour collage

Now combine colours and surfaces!