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Acoustic systems
Find tranquillity.

Tranquillity and comfort – two factors that are gaining more and more importance for the acoustic optimisation of workspaces. Hund Möbelwerke has successfully taken up this challenge and developed innovative office furniture providing for ideal acoustic characteristics of workspaces. In cooperation with Dr. Christian Nocke and Akustikbüro Oldenburg, the leading innovator Hund Möbelwerke was the first company in its line of business to show proof of the positive effect of acoustic room design elements on verbal communication in office spaces.

Because ergonomics are complex. This also includes good acoustics at the workplace. After all, peace and privacy are among the most important factors of wellbeing. We at Hund Möbelwerke know this and have therefore developed these acoustic systems in cooperation with real experts. Convince yourself and ensure a pleasant rest in the office.We will be happy to advise you if necessary and help you find the ideal solution.


Perfect concentration. Undisturbed communication.