Table systems
Flexible workplace design.

The table systems of Hund Möbelwerke provide support for the wide variety of tasks of the dynamic business world with an impressive range of intelligent solutions – suitable for every type of office.

Discover ergonomics paired with well thought-out modularity. And all in the form of the most modern office furniture. Make your employees’ work in the office as pleasant as possible. Hund Möbelwerke’s desks are the solution.

Thales Premium stand-or-sit

Thales Premium stand-or-sit
For more ergonomic comfort at your workspace.

Thales Basic stand-sit-table

Thales Basic stand-or-sit
Healthy ergonomics in your office.


Thales Basic
Ergonomic comfort at your workspace.


Callisto Premium
High flexibility challenge.

Teamcon 2.0

Teamcon 2.0
Clear negotiation daily.

C4/C4 Evolution

C4 Evolution
Utilizing the essentials.