Future office – modern, flexible, personal

In the office of tomorrow, the “human factor” is more than ever in the limelight.
Many theories about the issue of the “new work” revolve around the human resource. This factor has always been important, of course, and not much could be done without it in modern times. Much, however, depended on physical work. That has changed – certainly not everywhere – but in many places.


share their office with a colleague


of employees work in an open plan office


of employees personalize their workplace

There is talk of creativity, of technical competence, of diversity and occasionally also of the meaning and sense of the work, because work has to deliver other than only on monetary terms. The height of fall between aspiration and reality has become high. Nevertheless there is a lot ongoing in office furnishing. The fact that the focus should be on people is less of an empty phrase today than it once was.

The modern facility should encourage creative thinking, should offer safety and be extremely beneficial to the health of employees. However, this does not mean that there will and should no longer be any classic types of furniture furnishings. On the contrary. Different furniture configurations in open office spaces ideally show employees today which working mode the furniture is made for. Mostly it revolves around the poles of communication and concentration.

Focus On: Future Office – Modern, Flexibel Und Persönlich

The office needs modular furniture

In the future many will spend a lot of time in the office at classic workplaces doing concentrated work. That means that office furniture shall not please architecture magazines in the first place. What counts is rather stability, security, ergonomics and modularity. The Callisto desk range offers all of this.

It is the classic range that combines a calm look and clean lines. The reduced design language goes not at the expense of ergonomic working comfort. On the contrary. Height adjustability, GS certifciate and the possibility to adjust the size of the desks are the classic values that Callisto embodies. It thus makes an important contribution to fulfilling the work task and maintaining employees health.

Hund Möbelwerke offers intelligent solutions for the changing world of work – stylish, but also functional, with a broad and modular product portfolio. With our well thought-out modularity, we create individual and diverse work environments in this rapidly changing world of work, without forgetting the classic, quality-oriented values of work facilities.