Modular. Individual.

The change of the way we work, has many mainsprings. Sometimes they even enforce each other. Globalization, digitization and social change. An important mainspring is often ignored. The individualization. Life planning is more and more determined by much more options and individual decisions as it used to be. And this trend does not stop at the door to our workplaces. Especially young talented people, the so-called Generation Y, is seeking for sense in the working environment and in the work they do and are much more likely to refuse strong, traditional hierarchies.

But production is also concerned. Times are over, when Henry Ford offered his whole product range under only one condition: The car had to be black. Nowadays, we offer attractive standard products, which can be adjusted easily to customer wishes thanks to their platform strategy and not matter if it is about conference furniture, reception desks or standard products.

Customized cabinets and desks are not only possible to produce, but are also easy to calculate. The surcharge is marked in prices lists and OFML data. This saves valuable time. In case this is not enough flexibility, you can easily ask for our manufacturing know-how. We can elaborate an individual construction for you which will be produced in-house. In addition we offer veneers and lacquered surfaces enabling our clients to define their own colour concept. Here again, you can choose between RAL and NCS-colours and define your colours already in the process of your furniture planning. Our digital colour collage device gives you the support you need. Very different to the times of Henry Ford…

Modular. Tailor-made.

Decide for a completely individual office furnishing from Hund Möbelwerke. We offer modular and customized concepts for the workplace. Inspire your employees with ergonomic, functional and stylish furniture that stands out from ordinary furnishings. You do not want serial products? Then choose the manufacture service of Hund Möbelwerke. We can work out constructive solutions for you, which we have produced in-house.

Uniqueness for your office workplace

Our elaborated modularity is also reflected in our manufacturing performance. We adapt your desired product perfectly to your office environment. With us, you get ergonomics and style – and in a unique form. Hund Möbelwerke offers solutions that make work easier for your employees and also increase the feeling of well-being in the office. So employees, customers, guests and also you feel comfortable at the workplace.

Highest quality as the most important criterion

We offer our customers individual solutions and customized concepts. Our most important criterion is the highest quality down to the smallest detail! Great care is required to obtain a satisfactory and optimal result. However – in our manufactory we do not find solutions: We create them! Especially for your requirements and details.

Discover our customizing and manufacturing services

Hund Möbelwerke already fulfilled numerous customer wishes through the manufacturing services. Convince yourself:

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