10 reasons for Hund Möbelwerke

Since a couple of decades Hund Möbelwerke ranges among the established and well-known office furniture manufacturers in Germany. There are numerous reasons to choose furniture made by the family owned manufacturer which has its roots in the black forest region.

Hund Möbelwerke bietet kurze Wege

01/10 Short Distances

Hund Möbelwerke emphasizes flexibility

We are a family owned, medium-sized business. The distances within the company are short, decisions are taken rapidly. Clients don’t get lost in rigid and hierarchic structures. That opens the door to flexibility in many respects.

02/10 Product Range

Hund Möbelwerke does not only offer standard items

Our modular product range offers a wide range of products. The variety of standard items ranges from basic products offering an excellent quality/price ratio up to high-end standard items. In addition we offer individual customized solutions. So everybody finds something according to his or her wishes.

10 Gründe für Hund Möbelwerke | Modularität
10 Gründe für Hund Möbelwerke | Qualität

03/10 Quality

Hund Möbelwerke offers quality

The company was founded in 1919 and we are proud of our tradition. The quality of our manufactured products has always been our great strength. Longevity, security and stability characterize our products. The GS-certificate as well as our mitre-glued cabinets with their much higher stability compared to products of our competitors show this impressively.

04/10 Innovation

Hund Möbelwerke offers innovation

We are not limited to the classic trio of desk, cabinet and pedestal. Beside our customized solutions and our partitions we offer manifold innovation for the offices of our clients. Our latest product range ENERCON offers solutions for a sufficient and good-looking “E-Infrastructure” in open-space offices.

10 Gründe für Hund Möbelwerke | Innovation
10 Gründe für Hund Möbelwerke | Modularer Service

05/10 Modular Service

Hund Möbelwerke offers modular service

It is not only the product range which is modular. Each piece of furniture has its own QR-code and allows users of our furniture to send directly requests regarding products and accessories as well as complaints. That way we increase the time of reaction and the level of service offered.

06/10 Regionality

Regionality is important for Hund Möbelwerke

We exclusively produce our furniture in Germany and are proud of our deep-rooted attachment to our home region. Since 1919 we are based in the Black Forest region and stand for the high-class workmanship this region is known for. We love the wood we work with. Since 1992 we additionally run an assembly plant in lower Franconia, Bavaria.

10 Gründe für Hund Möbelwerke | Regionalität
10 Gründe für Hund Möbelwerke | Qualifizierte Mitarbeiter

07/10 Qualified Employees

Hund Möbelwerke is based on qualified employees

A good and detailed office space planning is quite demanding. Acoustics or light are important parameters which have to be taken into account. Our sales employees are all “Office Consultants” and support our clients with competent know-how in space planning and consulting. Additional and valuable information can be found in our planning guide on our website.

08/10 Partnership

Hund Möbelwerke attaches great importance to partnership

We work closely with our dealers at home and abroad. The partnership with our network of dealers is very important to us.

10 Gründe für Hund Möbelwerke | Partnerschaft
10 Gründe für Hund Möbelwerke | Oberflächen

09/10 Surfaces

Hund Möbelwerke loves surfaces

Furniture consume space. This is still true in the digital age. They fill big surfaces and thus are automatically an important component of space planning. That is why surfaces should be taken into account. We offer a wide range of melamine surfaces, veneers and lacquered surfaces. We lacquer all furniture fronts in RAL and NCS colours.

10/10 Sponsoring

Hund Möbelwerke looks beyond its own nose

We support the local ping-pong club in the city our franconian plant is located. The TSV Bad Königshofen is first-class. German premier league. But that goes without saying.

10 Gründe für Hund Möbelwerke | Sponsoring