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Our elaborate modularity –
Your solution for changing working environment

The classic work space is changing. It is more and more becoming a place of creativity and communication where connecting with colleagues is getting ever more important. Independently of the question where people work, employers ask for more individual, flexible and intertwined solutions. The concept of our elaborate modularity offers intelligent solutions for a changing working environment – stylish and still offering important functions.

Zitatzeichen | Modularität Hund Möbelwerke

Our elaborate modularity creates flexible and agile working places. With the help of appropriate and coordinated forms, functions and intersections, our products and solutions act together.

Hendrik Hund, Managing Director

The origins of the modularity

How to create something new with the help of a long tradition

The office furniture of Hund Möbelwerke wins over since 1919 by ist design, esthetics and ergonomy. Already at that time the prodution of workplaces was characterized by qualtiy awareness and practical exercise. We kept that over the time. But also when it comes to modularity we look back to a long history. Already in 1979 we lifted ourselves above our competitors by flexible innovation. The programme “Novaplus Futur” is a good example. This electrifiable and connectable furniture programme was the first step of Hund Möbelwerke to create modular products. What today is the modern Enercon, were at that time practical openings in the desktop as well as the possibility to connect individual elements of the programme with each other. At Hund Möbelwerke we try to create new products with the support of our long tradition and experience.

Die Büromöbel der Hund Möbelwerke bestechen schon seit 1919 durch Design, Ästhetik und Ergonomie

Which advantages has the modularity now and in the future?

Vorteil 1 der Modulariät


By combining core programmes and functional solutions, you can easily modifiy your office according to your needs. Select the fitting functional solution for your core programme and make change happen in your office.

Vorteil 2 der Modularität


Your office is unique! Thanks to modualr products of Hund Möbelwerke every workstation can be unqiue. Combine individual elments according to your taste.

Der dritte Vorteil der Modularität.


From individual to open space offices – and all that with furniture which fits perfectly. With the help of Hund Möbelwerke´s modularity there is no problem. The core programmes can be extended easily with functional extensions without a great effort.

4. Vorteil der Modularität


You want to change your workstation into a modern reception desk? No problem. Modularity by Hund Möbelwerke helps. Just easily connect the workstation with the corresponding reception desk system – and ready is the stylish reception area.

Die Modularität hat viele Vorteile.

Safe your time

Space planning can be time-consuming. Modular products from Hund Möbelwerke are different. Individual components are fixed, the principle of connecting items is clear and the moduls can be connected and combined easily and interchanged.

Zitatzeichen | Modularität Hund Möbelwerke

For a modern workstation it is not about individual workstations oder cabinets, but coordinated programmes and components.

Hendrik Hund, Managing Director


In 3 steps to the perfect office furnishing

Vorteil 1 der Modulariät


What are core programmes?

The core programme is the basis for your modular office furnishing. You can choose from 7 programmes the one which is corresponding to your individual needs. According to your decision you can choose in a second step your functional add-on which specifies your core programme for the purpose you whish to have in your office.

Vorteil 2 der Modularität


What are functional add-ons for?

In a second step your have the choice between 7 functional add-ons. According to the core programme chosen, you can decide which is the corresponding add-on. You want to make a reception desk out of a work space? No problem. You want to work concentrated and to optimize your open space office with the help of partitions? All that is possible. Discover the various possibilities of our modularity.

Der dritte Vorteil der Modularität.


Choice of services?

In a third step the competent employees of Hund Möbelwerke come into play. Our services encompass consulting, space planning, seminars and fast delivery services and more. We help you with the furnishing of your workstation. Choose the services which are relevant to you. We take care of the rest.

Zitatzeichen | Modularität Hund Möbelwerke

With aesthetic longevity and long-term extensibility our clients won´t fear that their furnishing might become complicated.

André Hund, Managing Director

How it works

01. Choose your core programme

Choose from 7 core programmes the one which corresponds to your whishes. With our modular solutions we take decisions for systems which can be extended in the long run. With the fitting core programme you remain flexible and you can guarantee your emplyees a vivid working environment.

Kernprogramm Hund Möbelwerke



With the desking system Callisto you take the decision for the flexible core programme at the entry of the product portfolio. You whish the combination of design and function? Then Callisto is your right choice.

Kernprogramm Hund Möbelwerke



Thales offers you the choice between 4 versions. Ergonomics is important to you? Then Thales is your right choice – if you like to work standing or sitting at the workstation. Benefit from the great legroom.

Kernprogramm Hund Möbelwerke



With the desking system C4 as your core programme, you take the decision for a classic system. Concentration without distraction is guaranteed.

Kernprogramm Hund Möbelwerke



The flexile conference system Metacon enables you a free communication in meetings. The core programmes is convincing by ist working space and classic design.

Kernprogramm Hund Möbelwerke



With Qbix you create a certain order at your workstation. The storage system gives your office a certain structure and unites that with the help of appealing design. Keep your overview with the help of Qbix.

Kernprogramm Hund Möbelwerke



The m-Line emotion and the m-line business are core programmes which convince by their elegant understatement. You can choose individually between desking, storage and shelf versions in different finishes.

Kernprogramm Hund Möbelwerke



Our partitions are extremely flexible and offer a high level of quality. The partitions are an individual product helping you to create in a breath a space of retreat right in your office.

02. Functional Add-Ons

Choose from 7 functional add-ons the one which is suiting you best. Benefit from the modularity when using the various possibilities of composing. Complement your core programme of Hund Möbelwerke wisely, according to your individual wishes.

Funktionale Ergänzung ACCANTO



Accanto is a functional add-on for perfect organization in your office. The accompanying furniture is practical and flexible. Integrate that storage programme into your workplace according to your wishes.

Funktionale Ergänzungen QBIX SPACE | Hund Möbelwerke



Flexible office design, pleasant design and a lot of space – with the storage system Qbix Space you take the decision for a functional add-on which brings order and design into your daily office life.

Funktionale Ergänzungen CREATION 25 | Hund Möbelwerke



The functional add-on Creation 25 impresses by elegance and style. The storage system brings not only space and order to your documents, but makes your office a stylish workplace.

Funktionale Ergänzungen CALMA | Hund Möbelwerke



The acoustic system completes the core programme perfectly, when concentration and a undisturbed communication are important to you. An easy assembly and pleasant colour accents caracterize Calma.

Funktionale Ergänzungen ENTREO | Hund Möbelwerke



With Entreo – our pogramme for reception desks – we make out of your Hund Möbelwerke workstation an individual and customized reception desk. The desk can be modified optically and thus corresponds to each design claim.

Funktionale Ergänzungen ENERCON | Hund Möbelwerke



An electronic connection without annoying cable salad – that is what Enercon offers to you. The module creates a clean conduct and distribution of power and data at your workstation.

Funktionale Ergänzungen VARICON | Hund Möbelwerke



Whatever your workstation – the functional add-on Varicon makes your office a flexible workplace. It does not matter if it is about big conferences or meetings in a small framework: Varicon creates individuality.

03. Choose your services

You took your decision for the right core programme including functional add-ons? Then benefit from the services offered from Hund Möbelwerke. You wish a full consulting or space planning support? Your are interested in our seminars? You want to shop online and you wish a fast delivery? We offer all that to our clients.

Services BERATUNG | Hund Möbelwerke



You wish individual consulting? You geth that service at Hund Möbelwerke. We support you when it comes to space planning, acoustics, climate and lighting – for well thought-through solutions in your daily life.

Services PLANUNGSDATEN | Hund Möbelwerke



When it comes to space planning, it is necessary to clarify the acutal status and what is target status of your office. There some space planning data is necessary. We would like to support you with 3D-vies, space and prodcut logic.

Services ONLINE SHOP | Hund Möbelwerke



In our busy times, there is often a lack of time for looking for the right furniture. Therefore we ask you to use our individual Online-Shop for our business partners – consulting included.

Services SEMINARE | Hund Möbelwerke



Collect important know-how at our seminars which will contribute to your business success. In our seminar programme we offer a wide choice of important issues.

Services PLANUNGSPRINZIP | Hund Möbelwerke



Please find with the help of our digital space planning guideline the corresponding concept for your workplace. With the space planning philosophy of Hund Möbelwerke, we make you understand easier the complex issue of space planning.

Services SCHNELLLIEFERUNG | Hund Möbelwerke



Use our Online-Express Shop and await a fast and reliable delivery of our quality products. For the rapid fullfilment of your furnishing wishes.

Services SCHULUNGEN | Hund Möbelwerke



Our seminars offer the coverage of important issues and offer you the opportunity to generate important know-how for your office furnishing. On top you receive important tips for your business success.

Services After Sales Service | Hund Möbelwerke



You decision has been taken for a modular office furnishing from Hund Möbelwerke? We are happy with that decision. Even after your purchase, we take care of you. Use our extensive After Sales Service. We are pleased to support you!

Modularity – Your way to your right office.

You have questions regarding modularity?

We like to answer your questions. Please contact us. Hund Möbelwerke likes to advise you according to your wishes.



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