Hund Möbelwerke Calma

Acoustic systems
Modular. Concentrated.

Concentration is the be-all and end-all in the workplace. Unconcentrated employees do not achieve satisfactory results. To ensure the necessary concentration in the office, Hund Möbelwerke has the perfect solution in its portfolio with Calma. Quietness and comfort – these two factors are brought into your office by the acoustic system. The innovative system ensures optimal acoustics in the workspace.

A cooperation that leads to the best result

In cooperation with Dr. Christian Nocke and Akustikbüro Oldenburg, Hund Möbelwerke has succeeded in proving the positive effect of acoustic room design elements on speech intelligibility in the office – and was the first company in the industry to do so. Discover acoustic systems with a restrained design that ensures harmonious integration into any furniture concept.

Perfect concentration and undisturbed communication

The acoustic systems from Hund Möbelwerke provide protection against visual and acoustic disturbances, give office spaces structure and ensure clear organization. Easy assembly and modular expansion options also distinguish this system. Let your employees benefit from optimal acoustics.

Experience optimal acoustics

Do something good for your employees and ensure calm and well-being in the office. Discover our acoustic systems here:


Perfect concentration. Undisturbed communication.