Bürotisch M-Line auf Wiese im Schwarzwald

The roots in the Black Forest - in Europe at home.

Hund Möbelwerke GmbH & Co KG – an enterprise taking pride in its roots as well as being future-oriented. Founded in the year 1919 in Biberach, located in the Black Forest (Germany), the company will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019.

Since 1991 also located in Sulzdorf a. d. L. (Lower Frankonia / Germany) the company set itself the target for the future to strengthen its competence regarding interior equipment and room design in order to create superior office rooms. The upcoming generation will fulfil the vision of a fitter for objects requiring high quality and sophisticated design.

Currently Hund Möbelwerke GmbH & Co KG is the only manufacturer of office furniture offering both serial and manual production. This signifies a unique feature leading to a future co-determination on the European market, too.

Get to know Hund Möbelwerke:

Logo Hund Möbelwerke
Founded in 1919 in the Black Forest, the Hund Möbelwerke today is one of the well-known office and object furniture manufacturers in Germany.
Büromöbel Novaplus von Hund Möbelwerke 1994
The beginnings of Hund Möbelwerke are the patent furniture factory founded in 1919 in Oberwolfach, Germany.

The group of companies Hund Möbelwerke has two locations: Biberach (Baden) and Sulzdorf a. d. L.

Umwelt Manufaktur Furnier für Nachhaltigkeit im Büro

Hund Möbelwerke has been certified according to the environmental standard DIN ISO 14001, in order to be used for the preservation of our environment.

Karriere und Ausbildung
Whether in sales, purchasing, in-house services or the technical departments of our company, our employees are enthusiastic about our diverse office furniture concepts.