About us
Innovation based on tradition.

We are an enterprise taking pride in its traditions as well as being future-oriented. Founded 1919 in the Black Forest, Hund Möbelwerke is now one of the most renowned office and furniture manufacturers in Germany.

  • Hund Möbelwerke is a strong brand with unique features and its own values.
  • We conceive and produce intelligent office furniture systems and interior fittings for B2B projects.
  • We offer an optimal added value through our industrial manufacturing capacity and our integrated manufactury.
  • We offer our clients an ideal conception for their offices based on their demands and needs.
Our vision is straight: With our concepts for office interiors we want to make the modern working environment more ergonomic, more functional and more stylish and want to enthuse people for their working place.
Hendrik Hund
Managing Director Hund Möbelwerke

The classic office workplace is changing. It is increasingly becoming a place of communication and creativity. Simple product solutions are usually no longer sufficient today. What is required are holistic spatial solutions. The workplace is seen in a holistic context. We offer you the appropriate solutions.

Our action is based on our mission and our vision which is based on three pillars:

Standard furniture

The series development of innovative workplace and storage systems that meet the highest quality demands.


The perfectly handcrafted furniture, for individual customer requirements that meet highest demands regarding the design.


The best conception of sustainable office concepts, that meet highest design demands.

Nowadays customers demand from a fitter of offices to create office furniture and equipment reflecting the customers corporate profile. This philosophy begins in the entrance area, continued by the complete public conference area and is followed by office workstations and the executive suites.

Brand values – Hund Möbelwerke