Partition wall
Unlimited design freedom.

Open office structures are playing an increasingly important role in everyday working life. Especially in large office spaces, a good room division and a sensible room separation are important for daily work. With a partition wall from Hund Möbelwerke – the Partition Wall Universal – you are free to design your space with unlimited design freedom. The tailor-made product allows you a flexible room division and comes along particularly high-quality. Benefit all around from the elaborate modularity of the product.

A flexible partition for any space

The partition system Universal allows an easy installation and reconstruction, taking into account increasingly important room parameters such as acoustics and light, and ensuring the right choice of colors to match the existing furniture. The product is tailor-made to the size and nature of your room. The installation is quick and clean.

The partition wall from Hund Möbelwerke offers unbeatable advantages

Discover the advantages and benefits of a stylish partition system from Hund Möbelwerke. We will be happy to advise you if necessary and assist you in your choice.

Partition wall universal

Partition wall
Create spaces.