Thank you for your visit…

Orgatec 2014 - Messestand

We thank you for your visit at our stand at Orgatec trade fair.

We got a very good feed-back for our products and the number of visitors was also very satisfying. According to our new claim “innovation out of tradition” we have shown a mix of new concepts and product innovations.

Our new colours, the acoustic partitions Calma (designed by Stephan Hauser) and the new flexible and modular cabinet system Qbix space were the highlights at the stand. These products will be available with the new price liste which will be published at the beginning of March 2015.

But not only we, but the fair as a whole seems to be happy with the outcome of this year´s Orgatec. “The Orgatec fulfilled the high expectations”, says Hendrik Hund, chairman of the bso-federation. “This time a lot of young people came to the fair in order to inform themselves about the latest trends. We are happy the Orgatec was such a success”, says Hendrik Hund.

We show you here a couple of pictures of the furniture presented at the fair.

Orgatec 2014 - Bereich 1 Entreo
Orgatec 2014 - Bereich 2 Teamcon 2_0
Orgatec 2014 - Bereich 3 Hochbrücke
Orgatec 2014 - Bereich 4 Thales Familie
Orgatec 2014 - Bereich 5 Plano Ausschnitt
Orgatec 2014 - Bereich 7 M-Desk
Orgatec 2014 - Bereich 6 Metacon
Orgatec 2014 - Bereich 8 Catering Manufaktur
Messe Orgatec 2014 - Austellung Farbwelten
Hund Möbelwerke Bereich 8 auf der Orgatec 2014 Catering