Ergonomics – health first in the modern office

To pay attention to ergonomics and health in the workplace is essential in these days. So the first choice should be an electronically height adjustable desk.

Never before have we placed such an emphasis on our wellbeing as we do today. In addition to a good work-life balance, people are also paying more attention to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, sport, fitness, the right diet – all of these play a decisive role in many people’s lives. Ergonomics and health should therefore also be important issues in the workplace as well. After all, the majority of employees spend at least eight hours a day at their desks.

But what does ergonomics actually mean? In magazines and among experts, there is always talk of “ergonomic office furniture”, but many do not even know what it is actually about. An ergonomic workplace arrangement is made up of a number of decisive factors.

An appropriate noise level, a comfortable room temperature, the right distance from the screen, right level of humidity in the office and – not to forget – the right furniture: all of this should be taken into account when furnishing the office.

Focus On: Ergonomie im modernen Office

Modern Office: standing, sitting, walking – for more movement in everyday life

Above all, constant sitting can be harmful to the body in the long term. A height adjustable desk effectively counteracts this problem. Various studies have already proven the negative impact of office work on our health in recent years. Experts therefore recommend integrating regular exercise into everyday life.

With the right sit-stand desk, changing your work posture at regular intervals is uncomplicatedly possible. The correct desk can be raised and lowered electrically within a short lapse of time.

Such an ergonomic solution makes it easier to avoid joint wear, back pain and long-term effects. Nevertheless, the following applies: Keep an eye on the entire office ergonomics and rely on a holistic concept.

In addition to a desk with a depth of at least 80 cm, health experts also recommend the following with regard to daily office work:







Solutions for the first step towards ergonomics in the office

In addition to getting up regularly, health experts also recommend that you ensure that your arms are always relaxed when you sit at a desk and that your upper and lower arm form a right angle. This can easily be achieved with a height-adjustable sit-stand desk such as Thales from Hund Möbelwerke. With our stand-sit solution in different versions, we make healthy work in the office as easy as possible.

Thales Tischsystem Arbeitsplatz | Hund Möbelwerke

Opt for a sit-stand desk for your office …

… and promote your health and that of your employees. We at Hund Möbelwerke offer ergonomical proven products.