New Work – a new way of office working

We are living in a global and digital age. The concept of the working world has changed in recent years. The reason for this is a deep-seated cultural change which goes hand-in-hand with a new mindset in society. More and more people are now asking themselves the question: “What do I really want?”

Digitalisation, amongst other things, has led to a change in requirements and needs. For many companies, this structural change means the need to tackle a completely new mindset. Work-life balance, flexibility and well-being play an increasingly important role in work. If a company wants to remain future-proof in the long term, it must embrace the new conditions.

Workplaces in the age of New Work offer freedom to be creative, space for concentrated work, co-working spaces, meeting rooms and comfortable areas in which employees can take time out to relax or hold a conversation.

New Work-Konzepte | Hund Möbelwerke

New Work also changes the furnishing of the workplace

Furnishing the workplace may only be one part of New Work, but it is an essential one. The best performance is only achieved in a pleasant environment. Physical, emotional and spiritual well-being results in employees who enjoy coming into the office and valuing their work environment. This all promotes creativity and leads to pleasing results.

The New Work concept has a great deal of influence on the type of communication and collaboration in the workplace. Sufficient peace and relaxation during working hours are particularly important. For this, employees often want a comfortable space to retreat to which is close to their workstation. The right office furnishing makes it possible to create these relaxation and communication spots.


of the workforce is open to the concept of New Work


of German companies have the subject of New Work on their agenda


of employees see new career opportunities for themselves in New Work


of German employees are looking forward to new communication zones

Solutions for the perfect New Work workspaces

Hund Möbelwerke has focussed on the challenges of New Work in detail and offers solutions for companies that are ready to take the next step toward the future. Hund Möbelwerke has designed a soft seating solution in Connecta which fits perfectly into the world of work.

When it comes to New Work, it’s important that management, as well as the HR, marketing and communication departments play a major part in the implementation. This is the only way for companies to create the ideal workspaces of tomorrow – to succeed and to create happy employees.